<p>Sailboats in the Bay of Cannes</p><p>© Stephen Dau<br/></p>

Sailboats in the Bay of Cannes

© Stephen Dau

Posted 210 weeks ago
<p>Washington Monument from Jefferson Steps</p><p>© Stephen Dau<br/></p>

Washington Monument from Jefferson Steps

© Stephen Dau

Posted 223 weeks ago
<p>Jefferson Monument, Washington, DC</p><p>© Stephen Dau<br/></p>

Jefferson Monument, Washington, DC

© Stephen Dau

Posted 226 weeks ago
<p>Chamonix-Mt. Blanc, Aiguille du Midi</p><p>© Stephen Dau</p>

Chamonix-Mt. Blanc, Aiguille du Midi

© Stephen Dau

Posted 226 weeks ago
<p>The new cover for the paperback edition of Jonas!</p>

The new cover for the paperback edition of Jonas!

Posted 247 weeks ago

NEW! Upcoming Events in Paris, Hartford, New York, and Greensburg (Yes, Greensburg!) Pennsylvania

If you happen to find yourself in or near any of these places during the first part of October, won’t you think about coming and hanging out? At the very least, I can promise an occasionally entertaining production with a moderately self-conscious but increasingly comfortable author.

(And with only a tiny bit of luck, it could very well be even better than that!)

Posted 249 weeks ago

Literary Disco!

Thrilled to appear on the newest episode of Literary Disco, in which we talk about how The Book of Jonas is not about the Jonas Brothers and Winnie-the-Pooh is recast as a scene from Deliverance. Also discussed: graphic novels, art theft, obsessive-compulsive disorder. Oh, and it is strongly implied that I may be an unfit father.

Posted 252 weeks ago
<p>And just to make things interesting…</p>

And just to make things interesting…

Posted 252 weeks ago

So many ways to get into hell, and so little time...

Posted 253 weeks ago

Oh, Brussels, sometimes you get it so right:

(Of course, immediately after this photo was taken, I had what turned out to be the worst churo I’ve ever had in my life.)

Posted 253 weeks ago